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All parents want the best for their children, and the choices young people make after leaving school could be some of the most important of their lives.

A real alternative to university

More and more school leavers are choosing to do apprenticeships. Young people looking to get out of the classroom and into work are getting hands-on with some new and exciting challenges, while growing skills, making new friends and getting paid.

Apprenticeships aren’t easy. Gaining their qualification requires dedication and a willingness to work. But support is always on-hand from tutors, supervisors and colleagues. Equality and diversity frameworks, minimum wage, and employment rights and benefits are also guaranteed.

We’re seeing increasing numbers of young people turning down university offers, rising fees and job hunting, for the more tangible benefits of workplace education.

With apprenticeships available right up to degree-level, there are opportunities for even the most ambitious school leavers. By the time they’ve qualified, they will also have an impressive CV that’s packed with skills and experience.

Benefits of apprenticeships

  • Real qualifications – up to degree level
  • A salary
  • Responsibilities, maturity and independence
  • Support from tutors/supervisors throughout their training
  • An alternate to full-time education
  • New friends and activities
  • A safe environment to work and learn
  • Minimum wage, equality and diversity, and employment rights

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